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Structured Cabling Toronto

Structured Cabling Toronto

Cabling is one of the most important aspects of a wired network. It is the main source for transporting your data across your systems. An improper installment will result in slower network speeds and data corruption. Knowing this, it is critical to have a professional install the sensitive wire throughout your building.

This aspect of networking is often overlooked or completed with the lowest of budgets.  Now why would anyone looking for the fastest network not care about this main component?  This is the first priority of any network before any equipment is installed.  It will be the main highway of traffic between your computer and the backbone of the network on the other end.  Your equipment is only as good and as fast as the cabling delivering all the information across it.  Therefore, it only makes sense to ensure that a professional installs all the data cable for your company.  We have seen other companies run wire across drop ceiling light fixtures and even alongside with power cables, which will drastically interfere with the flow of data through the cable.

Whether it is CAT5 or CAT6 or Fiber, let the professionals at
GTA CABLING SOLUTIONS make your network the fastest your cable can go.

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